Our services are always more advanced.

With Trumag the construction site is always evolving, new laying and finishing techniques.

Always the best for our customers.

From the birth of the project to the final solution

Trumag manages all interventions on your project from start to finish. You can forget about everything until the keys to your house are handed over.

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Clearance and transport mobile and no; Shuttle Service


Demolition and construction of internal partition walls

Home assistance

Management of your property and your environments

Custom furniture and more..

  • Smoothing walls and ceilings, plastering, plastering

  • Plasterboard wall and ceiling constructions

  • Thermal insulation for exteriors and interiors

  • Venetian plasters and resins

  • Paintings

  • Special interior finishes and decorations in gold/silver/copper leaf

30+ years

350+ project