A concrete reality in the Engadine

When we talk about demolitions, we very often ask ourselves the cost, whether permits will be needed, but above all how to manage to dispose of the materials or the removal of the furniture. Trumag takes care of everything without creating problems or slowdowns.

A 360° service that allows you to feel comfortable without worries.

Following approval of the initial project, the walls and structures to be removed are demolished, materials are disposed of and the premises are cleared.

  • Removal of furniture on site

  • Removing bathroom floor and wall tiles

  • Sanitary removal

  • Removal of floors and parquet

  • Carpet removal

  • Removal of decorative elements

  • Removing kitchen cladding

  • Baseboard removal

  • Demolition of partition walls

  • Removal of existing electrical system

  • Lighting removal

  • Removing boiler, boiler and radiators

  • False ceiling removal

  • Wallpaper removal

  • Screed removal

  • Removing windows

  • Removing shutters and bins

  • Armored door removal

  • Removing internal doors

  • Baseboard removal

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