We are a dynamic and flexible company, committed to satisfying every customer need (to whom we guarantee quality and privacy).

This is what makes us unique.

We are General Contractor

Our fields of expertise:

Purchase, construction, sale and exchange of motionless

Lease of real estate

Renovation and repair of buildings

Management of movable and immovable assets

Design and construction management

Consulting in the real estate sector

Assistance in complementary construction site actions

Transport and logistics service for building materials

Real estate promotions

These services highlight the wide range of activities that our construction company offers, covering different fields,

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Corporate Vision

Our vision is to become a point of reference in the construction sector, thanks to our attention to customer privacy, seriousness, professionalism and the quality of work and materials. We are committed to creating innovative and high quality projects, which meet the needs and expectations of the customer, guaranteeing maximum satisfaction. We are convinced that collaboration with the customer represents a fundamental factor for the realization of successful projects, based on mutual trust and attention to detail.

Rudy Tenca

The founder of the construction company Rudy Tenca is a highly reliable, serious and empathetic professional towards customers. With years of experience in the industry, Rudy has proven to have great listening skills and a strong attention to detail, being able to best meet the needs of his customers. His availability is always guaranteed at any time, always ready to intervene to solve any problems or needs. Thanks to his great passion for his work and his professionalism, Rudy represents a reliable point of reference for the realization of quality building projects.

Gianfranco Tenca

Logistics and Purchasing Manager. Team leader in worker management.

Federico Nonini

Responsible for the technical office and supervision of construction works on site.

Gessy Capelli

Administrative and back office manager.

Canton Raimondo

Construction site manager with decades of experience in construction work in the Engadine.

About us

“I had an excellent experience with Trumag, I felt fully satisfied. Their respect for deadlines and collaboration are of a high standard. I am happy with the results obtained, but I hope to work with them again to achieve even higher goals.”

arch. Antonella Strigari

“I have been extremely satisfied with my work with Trumag. From the very first meeting, I had a great feeling with Rudy and appreciated his sincerity. What I appreciated most about their services was their punctuality, seriousness and skills. I do a lot of renovations in the canton of Valais, but I have rarely met people so professional and passionate about their work.”

Ivan Pozzoni

“The working relationship with Trumag stems from the need of the owners of the houses we manage to renovate their apartments. Thus being able to rent them at best once they have started to yield. We have found in Trumag the right partner to offer turnkey works with certainty in costs and times with an excellent value for money.”

Nicola Cantalupi